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7A Wrexham St
Bicton 6157
Bicton, Western Australia

Touch For Healing offers Relaxing Therapeutic massage, Bowen Therapy,
Ortho-Bionomy, Reiki and stress management counseling in a pleasant quiet home clinic. Over 25 years experience.

Discounts for Students and Pensioners apply.


Why Choose Me?

You may be seeking relief from muscular tension and stress with a Therapeutic Massage. You will receive a massage in aesthetic and peaceful surroundings in my home clinic allowing you to relax completely. My 25 years of massage experience will help you to unwind tense muscles and a busy mind.

Trained in soft and deep tissue massage, swedish massage, reflexology, Ortho- Bionomy and Reiki, I use a combination of these techniques with sensual aromatherapy oils to best suit your individual needs. Working with varying pressures depending on what the client desires the therapeutic massage offered by Kerrelee helps relieve back and neck pain, and stiffness of shoulders and muscles, while also benefiting the emotional and mental aspects of the body.

By using either a deep firm pressure or lighter touch Kerrelee is able to ease pain and stiffness while also calming the body and nervous system into a balanced equilibrium.

Massage Testimonial

"I have been having regular massages with Kerrelee for many years now. I have found her to have wonderful healing hands that intuitively and skillfully know how to relieve muscular tension. I highly recomend her to all my friends and family and I love having massages with her. Definately worth treating yourself to one of her marvellous massages!
- Dixie Souness


Therapeutic Massage

30 mins - $45
45 mins - $70
60 mins - $85 using the beautiful Do Terra essential oils
90 mins - $110 (can include Tibetan bowls and/or Reiki)

Discount given to 3 or more prepaid massages for regular clients and these can be shared with a partner or friend.


A powerful non invasive energy healing session that uses Reiki Symbols. Relaxing and supportive to the healing and relief of pain for many ailments.

Kerrelee has attained the highest qualification in Reiki and is a Reiki Master.She does not claim to be able" to cure" conditions but has found Reiki often alleviates pain and supports healing on many levels.

Often clients report feeling a sense of comforting warmth coming from the hand contact, a feeling of deep relaxation and a melting of stress and that their emotional balance returns after a Reiki sesssion.Sometimes painful conditions subside. Some clietns find this energy stays with them for some days after the treatment and that their health issues improve.

Reiki healing can be very supportive to a person who is convalescing from surgery or illness. Home and hospital visits in the local area can be arranged if a person finds it difficult to attend the clinic due to health issues.

Sound Therapy, Tibetan Bowl & Reiki Services

These healing modalities can also be part of your massage treatment. Either included or added at the end. Price will vary according to the time duration of the session.

Reiki Testimonial

I called Kerrelee after I had been having a migraine and been bed ridden for 36 hrs and on pain killers. She gave me Reiki and within 10 minutes I felt the pain start to subside. The warmth in her hands was soothing and relaxing and I literally felt the pain started to melt away. I was amazed! After an hour I was able to eat food again and walk around, I continued to improve for the rest of the day and returned to work the next day. She definately has healing power in her hands. Rhonda Martin

Reiki Fees

30 mins - $45
60 mins - $80  or 90 mins $100


Give someone you care about a Gift Certifcate for a relaxing massage as special gift! Ideal present for a Birthday, Xmas, Mothers Day or a caring gift for someone who needs some relaxation.

Call or text me on 0401 171 957 to arrange.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!


  • B.A.Sc.Sw
  • Also completed many post gradauate counselling training courses
  • Bowen Practioner
  • Reiki Master
  • Rebalancing Massage Certicate
  • Swedish Massage Certificate
  • Refexology Certificate
  • Aromatherapy Certified
  • Sound Energy Healing Practioner
  • Mandala painting teacher

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